Interview: “How I changed from being Intimidated by Competitors as a Saxophonist”

In every profession or business lies the tendency of being confronted by competition which differs from one person to another. However, some in the face of austere competition, comes the likelihood of falling out of business while for others more strength is gathered for innovation and power to lead. In this interview with CAMPUS FOCUS Correspondent, Odekola Ronke, a professional Saxophonist – Adewale Asinde tells his experience as he marks his 40th birthday.

Adewale Asinde – Saxophonist

Tell us about yourself.
1.My name is Adewale Asinde, born into family of Asindemade- am from Osun state in Iwo town. I am a graduate of Industrial Relations from Lagos state university, am presently doing my masters in Lagos state university. Human Resource

You just celebrated your 40th birthday, How long have you been playing sax now, tell us how it all started and what motivated you?
I started my music career as a drummer at the age of 12. At my church then, we had a trumpet of which we hard nobody to play it unless we invite an outsider. I decided within myself to be taking the trumpet home for practice. That was how I started playing trumpet and before I knew it, people started inviting me for boy’s brigade outings and I became very strong on trumpet as at then saxophone was not really popular. In the year 2000, when I gained admission to Adeniran Ogunsanya college of education in Ijanikin for my NCE program in business education I was so popular because of my trumpet playing so I used that as an opportunity to link with the music department of the college where I discovered saxophone, I so much love it because of the tone and people respect saxophone players then and I decided to learn, so I used my trumpet knowledge to switch to Sax.

What has been the experience so far?
On experience, it has been very interesting and challenging. Especially when I got to the professional level. There was certain time when I meet people that are more than me on Saxophone, It’s always funny, because I just find myself forgetting, all I know about saxophone when I see competitors but thank God have overcome that stages now.

What has been your most exciting moment for the past years?
My most exciting moment was when I got married eleven years ago and I decided to play my saxophone for my wife.

What has been your saddest experience in life?
My saddest moment was when I lost my brother many years’ back

As a Saxophonist, what are the challenges facing the industry?
One of the challenges I see is that of appreciation, only few people appreciate we saxophonist, some people especially the so called pastors will use you for events and tell you God bless you at the end of the day not minding weather you have families to feed that’s why I prefer international programs because they appreciate us more than our own people here.

Unlike before more people are showing interest in Sax playing, what will differentiate the quacks from the professionals.
Sax is played by professionals. Professionals knows what to do at any point in time, in terms of studying the atmosphere and giving it what it deserves, professionals do not get intimidated, professionals are more knowledgeable than quacks. But one this is sure, a quack saxophonist will definitely become professional with proper training, self-determination and consistency.

What is your advice to young Saxophonist out there?
My advice to the young saxophone players is that, money should not be the first priority. Invest more time to understand the principles and methodologies attached to Saxophone before bringing yourself to the public. Be consistent and diligent in whatever you do.

Tell us about your likes and dislikes.
I like to associate myself with people that are more knowledgeable and successful than me. I dislike dishonesty and insincerity.

What should the world be expecting from you in the years to come?
More concept that will make people closer to Christ with the sound of my saxophone should be expected.

How do you think Government can support Saxophonists?
Government can assist Saxophonist by adding values to our ministry through inviting us to their programs, engaging us in music schools in the society and tertiary institutions.

What do you think saxophonist can do to help the nation economically?
Saxophonist can help the economy by through entertainment, promotion of cultural heritage of the nation. The less privileged in the nation can also be helped to learn Sax to add value to their lives.

What do have to tell your fans, family and well wishers?
To my families and well-wishers, I love you all and promise to make you happy always.

For someone that wants to invite you to any event around the world, are you available, how can they reach you?
Yes, I am available, they can reach me through my call & WhatsApp lines: 08029667216

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