Interview: No Cultism at Unilorin – SU President

The tasks attached to leadership cannot be under or overemphasised. While some leaders are born, others are bred. However, a 21st Century leader must be passion driven with something unique to offer the society.
A society segmented into good and bad. Either ways, majority votes determine who becomes a leader in a democratic society. The Tertiary Institution community not left out. In this interview by
CAMPUS FOCUS Daniel Ayantoye, with the Student Union President, University of Ilorin, Okoko Wisdom Oluwaseun reveals his experience as Student Leader.

The Student Union President, University of Ilorin, Okoko wisdom Oluwaseun

Can we meet you, tell us about yourself?
My name is Okoko wisdom Oluwaseun, the student Union President for the University of Ilorin. I am a hardened believer in the capacity of Everyman; an excellent strategist towards all my goals and aspirations. I am looking for every window to contribute to the advancement of the common man.

Tell us about your academic background and family
I was born on the 19th June in the city of Abuja. Am from a polygamous family, I am the only child from my parent. I had my early education in FCT, Abuja. Secondary School at Abuja schools of Accountancy and Computer Studies (ASACS) where I emerged as the best behaved students in Attended Nasarawa Polytechnic where I became the President of National Association of Science and Technology Student, NASPoly Chapter. I am currently studying Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education.

As the Unilorin SU president, how will you describe your experience so far administratively?
The Experience has been a fulfilled one because as an individual who wanted to contribute his quota to the advancement of the common Man, I utilized the Office to achieve that and I can say that I have as an individual learnt the best administrative lessons.

What motivated you to go into school politics? Tell us how it all started.
The motivation was driven out of a passion to reorder priorities among youths in leadership positions and that is why our mantra is Rebranding the Value System, we wanted justifying the word Leadership as we understood that the community has bastardized the privilege. So immediately I came into school with that passion, I immediately started looking for opportunities to change leaders’ orientation and contribute to the well-being of the voiceless. It was in this search that the SU President office was sighted.

What did your family say about your going into school politics?
My Mother was in the middle of the sea. She could not say yes because of prior information about school politics and could not say No because of what we have during secondary and polytechnic education.

As a Student leader, what is the most the important Agenda, that you won’t want to leave behind without implementing?
Well the agenda is reordering the priorities of youths.

Better by far University, what is unique about your students?
Here in the better by far, we are learned academically and we uphold character. Above all, we know how to develop strategies to shunt our way to success.

How will you describe your working relationship with the school management and the SRC? what will you desire to put in place for a better working relationship?
I must say that my relationship with the management and SRC has been so challenging but in all, we have upheld peace and progress. For a better working relationship, we must build constant interaction mechanism for better relationship.

What are the challenges of the Union and your administration? How do you intend to proffer solutions to it?
Our challenges are inexhaustible as a Union in struggle but for better solution I would still maintain the constant interaction as the number 1 solution to current and future challenges.

What is your current academic grade, and with School Politics, how do you intend to maintain good academic performance?
My grade academically is still on a Second class upper but my performance academically had required the extra me to thrive faaa.

What is your hopes for the future and desired future career?
I hope to build a system that works in all spheres that men can come learn from.

Do you have desire to go into politics in the future and if you do, what position will you desire to run for and why?
Going into politics in the future is dependent on the future but I know dead sectors in Nigeria would work again because I would soon get there.

Tell us, do you have any special skills, what is it? And what is your favorite sport?
Special skill is toasting people into becoming responsible and my favorite sport is prayer walking.

What is your advise to students who desires to also become SU President.
My advise to other SU Presidential aspirants is to simply ask them of what would happen to their presidential manifesto if they don’t get to the office.

What is your likes, dislike and best meal?
I like to worship my Creator and dislike staying out of touch with my creator. My best meal is fried yam and yaaji is my best Food.

Some are of the opinion that, no one can become SU President without being a member of Secret Cult on Campus, what is your take on this? I believe that your position before making the decision to become an SU President, would be determining if you must belong or not. But this days, it is very possible to be a SU President without belonging to a group.

Do you belong to any cult group?
No Sir.

Is there any Cult group at Unilorin?
Cult activities have been curbed grossly. We have in the past 4 years not recorded any active case.

What is your perspective on governance and how will you rate the Muhammadu Buhari led government?
My perspective on national governance is a misplaced priority and for President Muhammadu Buhari led government I choose to remain silent.

If you have the opportunity of becoming the president of Nigeria, what will you do differently?
What I would do differently is that I would go to a more advance country like UAE and bring their President to rule Nigeria for one year and I would go his country for one year.

What have you learnt within the past years of leadership?
I have learnt two major lesson, human relations and people centered living.

What is your most regretted moment of leadership?
My most regretted moments are times when we have issues affecting students and we cannot do anything to change or stop it.

What will you consider as your happiest moment of leadership?
Yes, this is the times when I see people happy because of us.

What do you have to say to all Unilorin Students, your family, friends and well wishers.
My good will message to all Unilorites, family, friends and well-wishers is to simply stay indoor but not out of touch with personal development.

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