Sexual Assault: Student invents shoe that lets women electrocute attackers

Sexual assault against women is a big problem in India as hardly a day goes by without a case being reported. To address that problem, an 18-year-old boy has invented a shoe to help women fight aggressors by electrocuting them.

After witnessing multiple instances of disturbing and life-changing acts of violence against women, Siddharth Mandala, a student from the Telengana area of the country decided he needed to do something about the situation.

He spent years working on the ‘ElectroShoe’, a unique type of anti-sexual assault footwear that electrocutes attackers by inflicting 0.1 Ampere of electricity while also alerting police and family members that the wearer is in danger. All the wearer has to do is kick the perpetrator.

“I invented a patent-pending device called ‘ElectroShoe’. It can electrocute the perpetrator instantly by inflicting 0.1 Ampere of electricity, while sending an alert for assistance to cops and family members,” Mandala told The Better India.

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