“Dancers Are Not Rascals”

Before now, dancing was mainly for pleasure and fun of it. Overtime, it developed into an activity that people live on as a Career with dancing taking a vital role in the entertainment industry. This notwithstanding, doesn’t rule out the challenges that comes with dancing as a Career, especially in a developing country like Nigeria.
In this interview with Campus Focus Ronke Ayantoye, skilled and talented dancer – Adesoye Victoria shares her experience in the industry.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Adesoye Victoria. I am the last child in a family of four with two girls and two boys. I attended Triumph Nursery and Primary School, sheikh Abdulqadir college and I am a graduated of National Open University where I obtained B.Sc. in Entrepreneurial and Business Management.

You are Dancer, tell us all you are involved in.
I am A Dancer, a singer and a Fashion designer and these are the core areas I find passion in doing.

What motivated you to choose this path of Dancing?
I love being different and I prefer choosing whatever other girls run away from. When I started dancing in 2007 where I lived, guys are mostly the ones doing the style of dance that I chose and that was why I chose it because it made me different. Hip-hop Dance general was seen as a “Boy thing” and I was ready to change that fact, so I joined a crew and started dancing.

Who is your role model and Mentor?
When I started the journey of being a dancer, I started doing some findings to see dancers who are already at the top then I got to know a crew (Explicit dancers) I fell in love with their dance videos, there is one particular girl among them that really got me believing I can get to the top too. Her name is Tantis. She’s is very good and I started looking up to her…then along the way I got to know Kaffy too.

What has been your saddest experience in life?
One of my Saddest experience in life, was when me and my Dance Crew (VTEK DANCERS) went for an All Talent Competition in Lagos state. We rehearsed so well and we passed the first stage. Unknowingly to us, there were two stages before the real competition starts and there we had just a day interval. we had to rehearse another fresh routine. We called people from home (Ilorin, Kwara State) to help us send our costumes because we only went with one custom. We did all we could but unfortunately, we were not picked. It was a sad experience for all of us.

What has been you most exciting moment in life?
Most exciting moments. Well, one of the most exciting moments I had was when a Nigerian Female Artist popularly known as ” Niniola was performing in Zenith Fashion show in 2019. And my friends motivated me to go on stage when she called out for dancers. I danced and she was amazed, she sprayed money and carried me while she was leaving the stage. Trust me, it was a billion-dollar moment.

As a female dancer, what are the challenges you face?
As a female dancer, sometimes people tend to look down on me. For example, working with other dance crew where they have female dancers and male dancers. They see male dancers as strong and because of this the female dancers were giving the simplest part of the routine because they feel female dancers are weak. I don’t like that at all. it sometimes makes me wish I was a guy.

Tell us about your parent and siblings.
My mum and dad stays together in Kwara state. Our first born- Mrs. Oluwaseyi Ishola is married with 3kids. Our 2nd born-Mr Juwon Adesoye is also married with one child and the third born, I call him “I4low” meaning the one I followed – Mr Yinka Adesoye, He is also married with 2kids and am the last born, not married yet.

What’s your parent saying about you going into Dancing. Are they in support?
My loving parents supported me right from when I started dancing, they believe in supporting whatever career a child chooses to do. Although my mum wanted me to join Fashion designer with dance when I was in J.S.S 2 but I didn’t like it then. I ended up learning it when I fell in love with it myself.

What other thing would they like to do aside what you are doing now?
I don’t see myself doing any other thing that doesn’t involve dance.

Tell us about your likes and dislikes as well as your best food.
Best food. right from time I loved bread and beans as well as then Noodles.

If anyone requires your Service, how can they get in touch with you.
Well, I have a crew and we offer dancing services to entertain at special events, we dance for music videos, we even use dancing to advertise company products. To get in touch with us is through this my personal line 09064298323.

How do you think government can come into the dancing sector to support it?
If government and other people can stop seeing dancers as rascals because dancer are not rascals and instead give us the same support like they do to sports, education and other sector, I think it will go a long way. They can also support by making available dance studios. We are in the entertainment industry and this industry is very important even to the existence of man.

What is your advice to other dancers and what do you have to say to your supporter?

My advice to other dancers out there is to keep their heads up ,work hard and pray and never for once doubt their ability to succeed in dance because everything is possible.
To my fans, people supporting and believing everything I do,I wanna say a very BIG thanks and I love you , I promise to keep making you proud.!

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