Youth Hood and the Relationship theory

Youth Hood and the Relationship theory

I ransacked all the books of laws. Heretofore, I consulted all the divine books, I searched through the books of histories and visited the great books of various ages, none contained the theory. But which theory?

It is no news that the era we live in is notoriously blessed with immoralities, blissfully graced with social vices, and stupendously laced with abnormalities, as a male youth, you must have a “girlfriend,” as a female youth, you must have a “boyfriend,” this is the popular theory as declared by the “Jamhuur,”  claim otherwise, you are christened a bastard liar.

Like who the hell says so?? As a matter of fact what law says youth hood is all about the love thingy and affair clingy stuffs, I have heard several people saying several times that there is nothing like been ‘single’, those who profess to be single are nothing but hypocrites and full of deceit, Oh my God, truth came to the market and could not be sold, so we started buying lies with ready cash.

There is actually more to life than these stuffs, am pretty sure this is not the first time you seeing this statement, ooh yes it is actually true, living the single youth life void of the troubles of the opposite sex is actually feasible, very much lively and sweetly enjoyable, the argument that God created the woman from the man’s rib, as such one CANNOT survive without the “boyfriend/ girlfriend” thingy is the dumbest argument I ever heard.

The argument that may appeal to reason is that which professes that engaging in these stuffs in youth hood may serve as good ground in preparing the youth for the realities ahead when he/she decides to settle down. Still, this does not translate to mandatory, it is just like passing examinations, some students require intense training and study, while some students do not necessarily require those things. Talk more of the temptations therein, youths with their burning desires and hunger to explore, for goodness sake the man who does not wishes to get wet, should never go close to the river!!.

That been said, this post is not in anyway condemning the aforesaid issues highlighted, but rather the intended aim of this post is to refute and debunk the theory invalidating and castigating the feasibility of maintaining the “single life youth hood.” In other words, this post and the contents therein exists only as a defence and not as a cause of action (law students will explain this better).

Munir Ishaq (Morality)


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