You discovered your name is missing on your spouse’s Will, what would you do?


There is a general belief that whatever wealth acquired in marriage belong to both partners. Therefore,

KAYODE ADEOTI asks people what they would do if they discovered that their spouse had omitted their names in his/her Will.

Fakeye Passo (Glo Staff) – I don’t expect anything from my wife: May God forbid bad thing, I’m a man, I shouldn’t expect my wife to make a Will and include me, it should be vice versa. Moreso, I believe it should be drafted mutually by both parties and it should be done in a way that will give consideration to the other partner.

Modele Olawuyi (Sale Reps.) – He must be insane to do that: When he’s not insane. The property were jointly acquired, there shouldn’t be an omission of my name whatsoever. Well, God forbid bad thing because it’s better not experienced.

Kafilat Ajayi (Trader) – It’s impossible: Missing? Such is not possible. I know the kind of man I married, he loves me and I do in return, however, he will not do what his children will not like.

Bola Abolarin (Proprietor) – I won’t be happy: I will not like it but his children’s name must be there. May God give us long life.

Omolade Yinusa (Nurse) – He must include the children: Let him include that of his children, once that is there, I will fight him less.

Tobi Amolegbe (Lawyer) – There is no justification for it: First, I work for my money and acquire wealth. There is no justification for that, no matter what. I appeal that no man should do that to a lady, it could be heartbreaking. Life is easy and simple, no one will go to heaven with wealth acquired on this planet.

Olalekan Junaid (Businessman) – I’ll not be disturbed: I don’t care. She worked for it now, if a woman could work and acquire such a wealth that attract drafting a will for, I think she deserves lot of kudos she should be left alone to decide how to share it. It’s the man that needs to include his wife and children’s names in his Will not the other way round. So if my name is out, I will not be disturbed.

Kehinde Ademuyiwa (Student) – He owes me explanation: Could that be termed as oversight? Deliberate action, I think he will need to explain before either of us dies.

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