What would you do if your wife insists on using compound surname?

The use of compound surname by married women is fast becoming a fad, whereas some people believe it is geared towards promoting feminimism, which is considered un-African. KAYODE ADEOTI therefore sampled opinion of people on the issue.
Bright Idahosa (Trader) – She’s not ready for marriage: If she retains her maiden name as middle name,  I have no problem with that, but if she uses it as surname, I wouldn’t accept that. If she’s not ready for marriage she should stay in her father’s house and keep his name.
Ademoyegun Victoria (Banker) – I can’t drop my maiden surname: It’s a matter of agreement; if he wants me to drop it fine but, I love my maiden name and I’m not ready to drop it for anything.
Susan Omokore (Auditor) – It is a non-issue: Never, he can’t say that, as it is part of the agreement reached at the initial stage, so there can’t be any issue about that.
Abigael Adelusi (Trader) – I’ll drop it for peace to reign: If my spouse does not want the name then l will have to drop it, it is not a do or die affair. We shouldn’t allow that to affect our relationship. In any relationship, husbands dictate, we  (wives) just have to abide and show respect, so that there can be peace.
Victoria Asala (Trader) – A woman shouldn’t be forced to drop maiden name: Firstly, I think it depends on the approach of the man. The issue must be addressed with understanding and not by compulsion. If he gives good reason and it is well understood the lady can decide to drop her maiden name. But with force nothing can be achieved. Some married guys lord things over their wives because they are the head of the family. What if their surnames are same, what would he do?
Bolaji Adeniran (Political Scientist) – It is no problem to me: If she decides to maintain her maiden name. Since it could be possible that they are all female children in her family and she is retaining her maiden name as sign of respect for her father.
Dada Halleluyah Oluwatosin (Engineer) – I’ll drive her out: I would personally drive her to her father’s house, collect my bride price and organise a wedding ceremony for them (father and daughter). Is it her father that is catering for her needs now? Errant rubbish!
Adigun Ignatius Abiodun (Student) – I can’t accept it: Couples must agree on issues before they are joined together and the longetivity of their union is hinged on such agreements. So she will have to stay with her father until she decides to change her mind because I will never agree with such.

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