What would you do if you found nude pictures of your spouse’s ex on his/her phone?

Marriage is an institution that is fraught with many challenges. There are issues that may be considered as inconsequential but could shake the union to its very foundation. One of such is relating with an ex to the extent of exchanging nude pictures. Married people are hereby asked what they would do if they found out that their spouse is in custody of nude pictures of an ex.

Adeosun (Fashion Designer): I’ll issue warning

I trust my husband. Such thing cannot happen. If it happens, I will warn him to desist and if it happens again, I will go ahead to warn the so called ex to stop disturbing my husband.

Oloyede Moses (Computer Engineer): It takes wisdom

I’ve never thought of it before. If I encounter such situation, I will have to think and act wisely. Also, my wife doesn’t have an ex, so if I see such a picture, it could be a friend of hers or someone she doesn’t even know.

Owoade Aderinto (Employee): That’s end of the marriage

Before I got married, I experienced it a lot with my girlfriend. If it happens now, I will end the marriage with my spouse.

Oyedeji Oyefolake (Hair Stylist): I’ll have to save my marriage

I will have to act  maturely by asking what the lady’s nude picture is doing on his phone and what has brought about a relationship between them. If I find out he is lying, I will then swing into serious action to save my marriage.

Adebayo Sikiru (Fashion Designer): The marriage will be over

I will be very angry. Someone who can put nude pictures of her ex on her phone can do something bad to me  in the future. I will let her know that I saw the pictures and I will end the marriage.

Biodun Omidiji (Barber): It’s madness

I will assume that the ex is mentally deranged and I will recommend the person to psychiatric doctor. How can someone send nude picture,  it is madness.

Nkemdirim Ofidolu (Business man): It’s no big deal

I will see it as nothing because the person might be my wife’s friend who mistakenly sent her the pictures. Also, the person might be someone that my wife does not even know.

Simeon Olushola (High School Teacher): She owes me explanation

Before taking action, I will first calm down. Then, I will find out how my wife got the picture and her response will determine the next step I will take.

culled from National Pilot

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