Uniport SUG cautions VC Aspirant over alleged Aiding and Abetting

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The Student Union Government (SUG), University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), has cautioned Aspirant vying for the position of Vice Chancellor of tbe Institution, Prof. Owunari Georgewill to stop all attempt of rivalry, panic, tension and crisis in the university

In a statement signed by the SUG President, Comr. Sowari Dikibo and made available to CAMPUS FOCUS, the Union alleged that Prof. Georgewill is involved in aiding and abetting, all to become the next VC of the insitution.

The statement read: “The students’ union of the university of port Harcourt, kindly write to your offices to intervene in a development we consider as impending breach of the peace on the campus of the university of port Harcourt.

“The student union has observed that one Prof. Owunari Georgewill, one of the aspirants for the position of the vice chancellorship of the University of Port Harcourt is carrying himself in a manner that could raise unnecessary rivalry, panic, tension and crisis in the university. Our observations are founded on the following backdrop.

“He is aiding and abetting rumor mongering on the social media as regards his receipt of letter of appointment as the 9th vice chancellor of UNIPORT.

“Sponsoring series of petitions and court cases against the university management since the inception of Prof. N.E.S Lale-led administration with the intent to make the University ungovernable for Prof. N.E.S Lale

“Going about with the proclamation of being an anointed candidate, of the Hon. Minister for transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi, one of the highly respected political leaders in the Niger Delta for the position of vice chancellor.

“The union sees Prof. Georgewill’s distribution of recharge card worth millions of naira, to Facebook users on our leader’s birthday, as a way of currying favor from the Hon. Minister of transportation. We considered this act highly sycophantic and mercantilist.
“Attempting to run a parallel government in the university of Port Harcourt by relishing all the congratulatory messages showered on him on social media as the 9th vice chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, rather than put up a disclaimer to such unfounded rumors from his social media influencers.

“It is pertinent to mention that Prof Owunari Georgewill’s presence on social media tends to negate the laid down procedure/principle of the selection/appointment of a vice chancellor in the University of Port Harcourt. It is not surprising, that his declarations as the 9th vice chancellor of the university of Port Harcourt was made public by sponsored social media influencers.

“Against the backdrop of the issues raised so far, the union hereby states as follows;

“That it is in the knowledge of the union that the tenure of the current vice chancellor Prof. N.E.S Lale will expire on the 12th of July 2020. The union Therefore is not expecting any imposition of an acting vice chancellor especially where there is no vacuum or breach of peace in the day to day administration of the university of Port Harcourt. The unions awareness is guided by her knowledge of the provisions in the university of Port Harcourt Act in relation to the selection or appointment of Vice-Chancellor or Acting Vice Chancellor.

“The union is also aware of the dissolution of the Governing Council of the university of Port Harcourt. The union understands that the visitor has the prerogative to announce such dissolution. However, the union would like to extend an appeal to the visitor to kindly constitute a new Governing council within the shortest possible time in order to guarantee an all-encompassing university system.

“Whereas the union is not against the aspirations of Prof. Owunari Georgewill to be the vice chancellor of the university of the university of Port Harcourt, the union frowns at Prof. Georgewill’s high level of desperation whereby he claims to have been appointed the 9th vice chancellor of the university of Port Harcourt on social media. This act does not only end in deceiving the social media vulnerable public, but also portends a high security risk and breach of the peace on campus because it is tantamount to establishing a parallel government since the tenure of the incumbent vice chancellor is still running. That Prof. Georgewill should be called to order by the visitor of the university of Port Harcourt, through the Hon. Minister of education to stop parading himself on the social media, as the 9th vice chancellor of the university of Port Harcourt.

“That the union wishes to state unequivocally that there has been lasting peace and free flow of academic and administrative activities in the university until the general lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The union is with the federal government as we commend the swift response by the federal government in curbing the spread of the pandemic. We also hope that normal activities will return to university campuses in Nigeria based on the appropriate timing of the government.

“The union is hereby advising Prof. Owunari Georgewill to put up a disclaimer or refute in the same social media about the rumors that he has been appointed the 9th vice chancellor of the university of Port Harcourt. This is to exonerate him from any impending crises that may arise as a result of the rumors.

“Finally, the union also states in clear terms that the issue of cultism has become history in the university of Port Harcourt under Prof. N.E.S Lale, and so, will not fold her hands and watch any individual rekindle the flames of cultism in uniport for political reasons and mundane interests.
We therefore appeal to the Hon. Minister of Education to intervene by calling Prof. Owunari Georgewill and all other over ambitious candidates for the post of vice chancellor to order, by advising them to play the game by the rules.

“As a body of students, we can no longer afford the luxury of missing out any semester due to internal crises in the administration of the university.” it added.

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