UniOsun Virtual Matric.: 99% Students participation an Open lie – ASUU

…An Act by Institution to defraud Innocent parents.

By Daniel Ayantoye

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has described as an ‘Open lie’ claims by the Osun State University (UniOsun) management that 99% of their newly admitted Students participated in the Online Matriculation.

UniOsun had earlier in a statement frowned at ASUU’s position, faulting the Institution for holding a virtual matriculation organised by the Vice-Chancellor, Osun State University, Professor Labode Popoola

Speaking in a phone chat with CAMPUS FOCUS on Sunday, 17th May, 2020, the Ibadan Zonal Coordinator of ASUU, Professor Ade Adejumo, insisted the Matriculation is fraudulent aimed at defrauding parents.

He stressed further that, allowing students to pay the usual matriculation fee including Matriculation gown which they never wore was a fraudulent act on the part of the Institution.

“the Charade of the so-called matriculation, they said 99% participated in the Matriculation, that’s an open lie. Osun State is a very poor State. The Parents of Majority of the Students are very poor parents. Can the Vice Chancellor of University of Osun truthfully beat his chest that all his students have facility to access the Online activities as they claimed? Do they have the Capacity to deliver the online lectures truly as they are claiming? The Students you said are matriculating online but they still paid all the levy meant for matriculation including payment for Academic Gown they never wore. What is more fraudulent than that.

He said “We said that the Union is on strike and the issues surrounding the strike is based on the survival of all Tertiary Institution including UniOsun. We are saying that the funding is inadequate and the government should live up to its responsibilities by releasing the outstanding funds to public universities which will go a long way to improve the qualities of teaching and facilities at the Institutions.

“So for anybody now to come out to subvert such a struggle for whatever reason is not acceptable to the Union. Ofcourse we know the Vice Chancellor has a role to play to this. The minimum we expect from him is to encourage our members to remain on this struggle, not to encourage them to subvert the struggle. Has he has clearly done.

“We are on a strike that is very comprehensive. For the Vice Chancellor to have gathered Deans, HoD and other members of our union, is a direct affront on the Union and something like that cannot happen and you expect the union to keep quite. That’s ones of the essence of that release.

Prof. Adejumo however called out on UniOsun Management not to reduce the battle to personal fight but the mandate of the Union. Adding that, all issues should be addressed to the Union and not personal.

“Ofcourse they have since responded to me, abusing me. And I want to correct this impression, am the zonal coordinator, am carrying out the mandate of the zone as directed by the National, so they should not reduce this battle to a personal fight.

“If they have anything to address, they should address it to the Union, the struggle is not about Tade Adejumo.

“We have assisted that University enormously. Please take a trip to UniOsun, take an inventory of all the building there. Remove TETFUND, NEEDS Based Projects, what you will have left, will leave that University in a sorry state. So if a Union has done so much, the least expected of such Institution is to support the cause of such union. But the Vice Chancellors, because they want to impress their pay masters, they are always subverting our struggles and in any case once these funds are attracted to the University, they are the ones that will spend the money. They and their Councils. ASUU is never involved in the spending of the funds. They are the ones that knows the Contractors they will award contracts to. What we are saying is that let’s join hands together and fight for the betterment of the University System.

“Labode should stop hiding behind one finger, we are watching him. And if he wants to fight, we will take the fight to him.” He said.

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