UI Don calls for integration of philosophy into Children’s basic education

A Professor of African Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Existentialism at the University of Ibadan, Professor Olatunji Alabi Oyeshile has called for the integration of philosophy into the curriculum from elementary school

He emphasised the importance of fostering a philosophical mindset among children as a fundamental aspect of nurturing human societies.

The UI Don stated this while delivering the 550th Inaugural Lecture of the University of Ibadan on behalf of the Faculty of Arts, titled “African Philosophy and the Unending Quest,”

Oyeshile stressed that a philosophical attitude encourages critical thinking and rational judgment, essential for global citizenship and reducing biases in daily life.

Speaking further, he stressed the ethical dimension of philosophy, advocating for the internalisation and application of moral principles such as justice, fairness, and equity for societal well-being.

Professor Oyeshile urged institutions to prioritise critical thinking and revitalise philosophy education as the cornerstone of all academic disciplines.

He asserted that leadership and development should center around people’s needs and inherent worth, emphasizing the role of philosophical inquiry in addressing existential questions and guiding societal progress.

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