National Assembly Vows to Make New Minimum Wage Bill ‘Watertight’

The National Assembly has pledged to create a “watertight” minimum wage bill that will be strictly adhered to by all states, local governments, and the Organised Private Sector (OPS).

This comes after President Bola Tinubu promised to send a bill on the new minimum wage to the National Assembly soon.

According to Senate spokesperson Yemi Adaramodu, the bill will include provisions for sanctions against defaulters, ensuring compliance from all parties. He emphasized that the National Assembly will make the law “seriously watertight” to avoid a repeat of the non-compliance issues with the current minimum wage.

Adaramodu also encouraged labour unions to advocate for workers in the organised private sector and sub-nationals, as the new bill will affect all workers, not just those in the federal government.

The House of Representatives has also expressed its readiness to pass the wage bill, with Minority Leader Kingsley Chinda stating that the bill will be given prompt attention.

However, labour leaders have dismissed the federal government’s offer of N62,000, insisting on their demand for N250,000. The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has also called for a “living wage” that considers the costs of rent, transport, medical care, and education.

The National Assembly’s move to include sanctions in the minimum wage bill has been welcomed by some, but others have expressed concerns about the need for political will to enforce such sanctions.

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