Residents Seeks Lagos Gov Help Over Poor Drainage in Akowonjo

Residents of Akowonjo in Alimosho Local Government Area have raised an SOS to the Lagos State Government (LASG) due to persistent flooding and poor drainage systems that wreak havoc whenever it rains.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the residents expressed their frustration, noting that the roads becomes heavily flooded during rainfall, causing significant disruption and damage.

Mr. Kikachukwu Chukwuji, who lives near the Vulcanizer area, highlighted the severe impact of heavy rains. “From my street to the bus stop is always a problem, especially on working days.

We have had to buy rain boots because the drainage here was poorly constructed,” Chukwuji said. He added that the floods not only cause traffic jams but also damage vehicles, particularly on Mondays when fares spike due to the situation.

Mr. Abdulrasheed Dauda echoed these concerns, emphasising the need for urgent government intervention. “We can’t experience any rainfall without flooding.

The drainage is clogged with waste, causing serious blockages,” he explained.

Dauda urged the government to enforce penalties for those dumping waste in the drainage system.

Mr. Ismail Muftau from Alhaji Idowu community attributed the flooding to blocked drainage channels.

“Plastics and debris block water flow, preventing residents and shop owners from accessing their properties,” he said, calling for government assistance to clear the blockages.

Temitope Ajayi, residing around LASU-Isheri road, noted that the situation worsens during the rains, posing health risks from stagnant water and mosquito breeding.

“When the road was constructed, we didn’t have this problem. Now, the flooding is severe, making access to homes and shops difficult,” she stated.

Another resident, Ayodeji Atanda, pointed out a particularly problematic area near Odo Eran towards Alimosho General Hospital. “That section is always flooded, affecting everyone’s health.

The floodwaters are contaminated, posing infection risks to those with wounds,” he warned.

NAN reports that other areas in Alimosho, including Gowon Estate, Water Street in Paco, and parts of Ipaja, also suffer from severe flooding, underscoring the urgent need for a comprehensive solution from the Lagos State Government.

Photos : Flooded road, with poor drainage system.

Lilian Edward: Lagos

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