NYSC: Mixed reaction trails Scheme as Students call for Scrapping

By Daniel Ayantoye

The National Youth Service Scheme has continued to attract diverse opinion among students in the Country.

Recall that this medium recently reported the position of the United State Ambassador William Stuart Symington lauding Nigeria government on the scheme.

However some of the students think otherwise as their various opinion states that the scheme doesn’t worth appraisal rather should be scrapped.

The Students who took to a WhatsApp debate on “The 2nd Rep. NUNS” platform today presented their argument with divergent opinions.

While some suggested the scheme is not relevant for the present day students hence it should be scrapped, others see the scheme as a laudable project for the country.

One of the debate participant identified as simply S.O raised concern over the operation of the scheme. According to him the scheme has now become a scam as the disadvantage now outweighs the advantage.

His words “The issue is about NYSC, I think it’s high time we look critically into the matter, though i have not served but I think the whole thing is a scam. The disadvantages of this scheme is more than it advantage.”

In the same vein another participant also identified as simily S.O the scheme has achieved its main objective.  “From the little research I did about the scheme, it was established to bring unity among the citizen and the aim has already been achieved through different means like social media, federal government work and politics”

While in support of the comment another participant ‘Poet Aluta’ said “You have been saying the right thing and if I mute, I would be an oppressor…NYSC has disadvantage over us at this present generation.”

“According to the Federal government they claimed they are spending nothing less than #1,000,000 on a copper.

“If service is that important, they should limit us to camping activities alone and empowered the members with half of the money they claimed they are spending on a corp member.”

Meanwhile a participant identified as American Junior has said the NYSC scheme is not designed for students to go and enjoy himself after graduation, but to further equipped students for further future challenges.

On the part of Hon. J.C, Majeed there is need for all relevant stakeholders to arise and stop the fraudulent act of NYSC

“My comrades the truth have to be told I have work with NYSC and those people in charge are all criminals, NYSC is a scam is just way of looting money in our dear country they are not doing it for the interest of the student, if I tell you how much federal government is giving out you all will just open mouth because the amount alone can be shared to each student and no student will ever be jobless unless he or she don’t know what is doing…my dear comrades please let take a drastic measure to stop all this fraudsters, NYSC we know then is no more because the aim and purpose have been dump for a very long time ago…”

Also for King Sofix “NYSC alone is not a scam…, Institution entirely is a SCAM”

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