NAUS berates Ogun Govt over attempt to relocate MAUTECH

By Daniel Ayantoye

National Deputy Senate President, Comrade Asiwaju Abdulgafar Ajibowu

The National Association of University Students (NAUS) has condemned the Ogun State Government’s plans to relocate Moshood Abiola University of Technology (MAUTECH).

In a statement signed by the National Deputy Senate President, Comrade Asiwaju Abdulgafar Ajibowu and made available to CAMPUS FOCUS on Friday, June 26, 2020 also called on the politicians from Ogun West Senatorial District to defend their region.

The statement read: “It has become evident to the large populace, series of posts, articles, actions and inactions of some state actors against the establishment of Moshood Abiola University of Technology (MAUTECH), in the Ogun West Axis of the state.

“We are aware that this evil plot is being orchestrated by the Speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Taiwo Oluomo in order to divert the establishment of the university to Ogun Central, while also luring some self centred Honourable Members from Ogun West to achieve this inordinate and selfish ambition.

“As we all know that Ogun West is only a region within Ogun State without any presence of either a Federal or State university compared to its counterparts in Ogun Central and Ogun East.

“Under different circumstances, and proven experiences, it’s evident that the future of our Ogun West is tending towards being sold out again based on the attitudes of some greedy politicians who sees public office as an avenue for personal aggrandizements at the expense of working towards the interest of vast majority of the populace.

“While taking into cognisance the criminal silence by some of our representatives at the state House of Assembly, on what should go to Ogun West as its share of dividend of democracy in order to bring unprecedented developments in Ogun West as we have seen it in the other two regions that makes up of the State.

“Going by the manifestos, the public declaration of the two Honourable Members from Yewa North Local government, Yewa North 1(Isokan), Adegoke Adeyanju Awoso and Yewa North 2 (Ketu), Haruna Egungbohun as regards protecting and preserving the interest of the the district in all ramifications, I have come to the conclusion that those who have not said a word to protect this region are not doing the region any favour but rather damages to our collective interest at the state House of Assembly.

“I want you all to understand the fact that no leader is useless in this world except the one that has decided to work towards leaving his people in abject poverty while he lives in affluence.

“You honourable members should thus be a megaphone for the actualization of this goal while rescuing the state assembly from becoming a political vehicle of the speaker.

“To all our dear seven honourable members from this district, it is worthy of note that your sincere agitation towards this course would be a lasting legacy you may ever leave behind.

“We hereby also call your attention to the public pronouncement made at the 2011 campaign rally in Saala Ayetoro credit to the immediate past Governor of Ogun State, Sen. Ibikunle Amosun under the platform of ACN who promised to turn the Olabisi Onabanjo University’s faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Ayetoro to a full fledge University of Agriculture, but till today we are still yearning to have a university.

“I am also extending the call to our former Governor in order not to let the claim of some mischievous people who alleged that it was a pretence that he did not actually work for the actualization of Ogun West mandate in the 2019 general elections. They claimed that if you had done, you wouldn’t have stayed in APC while ordering Honourable Akinlade to decamp to another party instead of going with him to boost his chances at the poll. Assist us in persuading your people to jettison any attempt to highjack MAUTECH from Ipokia if sincerely and truly “Yewa Agenda” is your ultimate goal and priority, and not a business as alleged by your oppositions.

“I also beseech our amiable Governor to extend his hands of generosity and benevolence to the Ogun west district and rescue her from longterm marginalisation since the inception of the state.

“Our Governor should also recall the bundle of love bestowed on him by the good people of Ipokia Local Government during the last gubernatorial election with over fourteen thousands votes despite not visiting the local government during your campaign tour.

“Your excellency sir, it’s high time the people of Ipokia realized how merciful and amazing you’re personally by joining hands and adding voices to the establishment of purported University (MAUTECH) within the territory of Ipokia.

“Your excellency sir, the fertility and endowment in the land of Ipokia shouldn’t go untapped and as such they must be recognized in the dispensation of needs and opportunities across the state.
The level at which the people of Ipokia are being maltreated is getting worrisome and no longer bearable, thus needful and necessary actions must be taken to correct this if truly our state is built on equity, fairness, justice and balance.

“The consequences of this if continues is the disintegration and dissatisfaction in some sections of the state which might not be ideal for the effective governance.

“Recently, oil was discovered in Ipokia terrain during the reign of Ibikunle Amosu, despite his promises to take it up and make it a national responsibility, nothing up till moment is done to turn this great opportunities into fortunes for not only Ipokia people but for the state economy at large.

“Ogun west is tired of futuristic promises that has never yielded any tangible reality except disappointments, marginalisation, maltreatment and mischievous.

“The position of the current set of political appointees from Ogun West is not yet understandable as they are busy working against one another in the quest for power ahead of 2023 general elections instead of working together under the auspices of the Deputy Governor to bargain for developmental projects. They should be rest assured that it won’t be a business as usual and the people of Ogun West will ask for their score cards in protecting their collective interest such as MAUTECH and not their personal aggrandizements which are detrimental to our growth and future generations.

“The earlier our Honourables let go of their personal egocentric and selfish interests for the development of Ogun west the better and stronger we become!

“They shouldn’t forget the fact that the level and grade at which people show interest in politics and governance has increased at a very high rate and they (public) are on watch to wrestle power from any unperforming political leader through the power of election.

“Only our collective efforts can pull us out of this unending marginalization. Ogun west political leaders should be able to forgo their personal political party interest at once for the interest of this region.

“Seems some of them have lost focus, and as well forgotten primary assignment which is for them to conclusively work together as a body and never settled for less.

“My dear people of Ogun west, it’s high time we stood up firm to our feet and attend to the needful by asking our lawmakers what they are actually doing with the mandates given to them.
It’s our collective responsibilities to rescue this region from the bondage of some political merchandisers and come to a sincere realization of getting what we want through our collective efforts that could be best achieved through the power of togetherness and resoluteness. A stitch in time truly saves nine.” he added.

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