My regrets as NAKSS National Presidents- Mancha explains, ….Aliko Dangote, my role model

Leadership they say is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. The significant roles of leadership at every stage of life cannot be over-emphasized.

As good as it may appear in becoming a leader, comes the challenges of cordinating people who are from different backgrounds.

In this exclusive interview with Campus Focus correspondent Joshua Adebayo, the National President of National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) Comrade Musa Mohammed Mancha revealed some of his regrets as Presidents

Can we meet you?

Thank you, I am Comrade Musa Mohammed Mancha, National President, National Association of kwara State Students (NAKSS) National Headquarters. I am Nupe by tribe, from Edu local government area of kwara state. I am still single, not married.

How long have you been in Office?

I have been in office for 14 months now.

During this period, what can you say is your achievement?

I really thank God. In just a short period, we have recorded enormous achievements which cut across major areas and arms of the association. Firstly, on welfare, we had Courtesy visit to schools where we contributed though peaceful dialogues to the reduction of tuition fees hike by some of the institution. We also fought against hostel challenges and social amenities among other issues. Also the aspect of bursary was not left out. The government disbursed 50 Million Naira which was paid to 20 schools comprising Southwest, North and Kwara state schools. Also our bus which was in a bad state was repaired and given a new face while the Senate President also donated one Siena bus to us.

Cut In: But there was a rumor that you were asked to return the bus when the Governorship Election was lost by the Senate President’s party in the state?

Well like you said a rumor, it’s absolutely false, the Senate president never at any point told us to return anything.

As I was saying, during my tenure we also organized programs that was respectively tagged  Kwara Must Clean, Peace and security summit, youth as agent of peace and not weapon of mass destruction, 2019 election sensitization programs, Comradeship night, Harmony Variety week which is currently undergoing planning. All were unique programs that we used as venue Banquet Hall, Kwara Hotel and host of other.  These are all executive council programmes.

The Senate council aspect of the program is Parliamentary summit which was the first of its kind where we used the Kwara state house of assembly red chamber under leadership of NAKSS Senate President Sen. Ahmad Abdulazeez El-Immam.

Also, the Judicial council programs also held were Judicial council week which include debate, quiz, lecture, etc  also the first of its kind that we used the Kwara state high court, under the leadership of NAKSS Chief Judge Jurist Moshood Ibrahim.

We have also promoted our activities and coordinated our students in a peaceful manners in the state through various media’s like yours –Campus Focus, National Pilot Newspaper, Herald Newspaper, Radio kwara, Sobi FM, Albarka FM, Kwara TV and host of others and sincerely I appreciate them all.

You have used 14 months in office, what is the standard period you are supposed to use in office?

Thank you very much, the standard period as you have asked is 12 months but we use the other 2 months for electoral processes. We are not in support of tenure elongation.

What are you doing to stop the issues tenure elongation in your association?

We are working at readjusting the NAKSS Democratic day to its constitutional provision which is June 6

Who is your role model?

Hmnnn, my role model, he is someone we all know. Sir Aliko Dangote.

Why the choice of Aliko Dangote?

Well, if you go through records you will see how he moved gradually to the top. He independently became great from small scale business. He uses is wealth to build people and feed Nations through the private sector. You will agree with me such man worth emulating.

What are your major regrets as NAKSS President?

This is a big question. Well so far, I thank God. My major regret is the aspect of giving some executive preference over others. It would have been the best tenure so far if I put more effort in having a good working relationship with everyone in the association and treating everyone equally. I think I learnt the leadership qualities of managing humans more perfectly. Above all we did our best and God saw us through.

At a point, you were having pressures from various arms of Association regarding your roles, how were you able address the issues?

Yes you are correct, it was tough. I just ensure I accept almost every fault and blame and I apologies and seek forgiveness of my colleagues and thereafter we harmonizing everybody together began to work peacefully.

What are you doing to resolve the current Convention issues?

Well it’s quite unfortunate where we have found ourselves. We have had issues hosting the NAKSS 2019 convention which will see to the transition process. My plea is to the electoral committee to reschedule the earlier postponed election as soon as possible.

What are the Challenges that you faced during your tenure?

One of the challenges was the issues of fewer facilities to function well. We had few buses for mobilization, Inadequate Finance to run the association, Limited bursary as there were no much funds pay all schools. While some schools got bursary others could get it, etc.

What do you have to tell the next administration?

Not much really, they should just try as much as possible to extend their sourcing of finance to private individuals and companies other than the government only. They should embrace more of consultation and consolidation in line of peaceful dialogue. They should remain united and resist division at all cost because united we stand, divided we fall.

What is your advice to upcoming Student Union leaders?

They should be highly focus and should not bow to pressure and challenges easily. They should embrace honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness. They should try to be good and fair to everyone.

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