By Munir Ishaq.


I write to correct the inequities and iniquities perpetuated against the male gender, I write against the doryphore attitude of the society towards the male gender, I write with passion, to condemn the claim, that women are still subjected to hardships in our contemporary society below the men.


This is not true, ooh yes, it is not true, the society is glaringly tilted against males, even to the extent of appeasing the female at the expense of the male, we suffer in silence, once you are a male the presumption is that you are blood relations with hardship, you are siblings with anything associated to toughness, stand for yourself or die trying to do so, despite your glaring incapacities and shortcomings, you are a MAN, wahala is for MAN and MAN  is for wahala.


It is not true that in our contemporary society, females are still subjected to hardship and one sided treatment, you can hardly see a university female student broke, from all four corners of the world, all her needs are supplied, if you want to see the typical definition of brokenness, it is the male student, despite his calls home for funds, the reply would be ‘huzzle for yourself, things no easy” while his very own female sister is still being catered for, good. Females are weak, males are strong, but what is the essence of being strong if you can’t dodge even a simple carry over.


Yes, it is not in anyway true, I was once forwarded a list containing different sites awarding scholarships to students in tertiary institutions, it contains 13 sites, believe you me, about 9 of this sites are exclusively for female students, “girl child initiative, girl child support” yet you talk of one sided treatment? You talk of feminist agitation? Agitating for what?? The chicken eats corn, drinks water, even swallows small pebbles, and yet complain that it lacks teeth, does the goat that has teeth swallow steel???


Even Facebook is not an exception to this one sided treatment, a lady would upload a random picture of hers, she would be blessed with hundreds of likes, uncle would go to the studio for his effervescent pics, yet when he uploads it, he ends up with 11 likes and two comments, one from his brother and the other from his best friend. Can’t we see the glaring favouritism? Of course it is clear.


We once sat in a political campus gathering, where two friends of mine indicated interest to run for some two different political positions in campus, right there and then, the female friend’s candidate’s form was purchased for her, various promises of political sponsorship were also made instantly, despite the spelling of I AM BROKE clearly written on my male friend’s forehead, he got no donations, to the best of my knowledge, I think he later did not contested.


No one is disputing the fact that yes indeed,  males are strong while  females are weak, but such theory should not be so much implemented so as to jeopardise the determination and goodwill inherent in that male, of course he can’t succeed with the prevalent one sided treatment, he should also be furnished with the necessary pre requisites, that’s the equality we clamour for, to my fellow males, it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, that for we to succeed in this harsh society of ours, we must double our efforts, you have nothing to offer, no treasure lies between your legs, you are not pleasing, you are not fascinating, you are not attracting, neither are you tantalising nor stimulating, all you’ve got is your head and your hands, use them well, create that relevance for yourself, and that’s when you would fully appreciate the theory of having an edge over a woman. Anything less than that,  you are dead on arrival.


Munir Ishaq writes from faculty of law, Bayero University Kano.


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