Lockdown: UniAbuja, ABU Students takes to Twitter War

By Daniel Ayantoye

Just as the impact of the lockdown becomes more intense, Students of University of Abuja (UniAbuja) and Ahmadu Bello University has commenced Twitter war between themselves.

The students in a tweet combat tagged “UNIABUJAVSZARIA” were seen posting abusive comments about on the institution on twitter while also defending it.

While some of the posts concentrated on infrastructural facilities of the insitutions, others are concerned about the qualities of students and lecturers.

As at the time of filing this report, CAMPUS FOCUS observed that most of the comments posted were to generate points and laughter and not true state of things in the two citadel of learning.

A twitter handle simply identified as CheryProgresive said “I overhead someone saying uniabuja keke napep is faster than ABU zaria WiFi network.”

Another with the name TianaahPeach said “Someone said The torchlight of uniabuja security officers is brighter than the future of abuzaria students.”

For IamBliss “I just consulted the oracles and they told me that the inscription on the ABUZARIA logo means SCHOOL FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED AND UNFORTUNATE”

Also a twitter handler Alhaji Xocial said “Heard that ABU Zaria’s VC failed gst 101a 6times”

Eminent Ambassador said “Even ABU website is designed in Hausa. It is google that help them translate it to English”

Also MR Moe, who posted the two institutions Bueaty pagent winners Miss Abuja 2019/2020 and Face of ABU Ambassador said “One is a Queen and another is a maid”

Speaking for ABU, Mohammed Abd Qadr said “A diploma 1 student in Abuzaria is capable enough to teach a 400 level UniAbuja student”

Mc_matkom said “Someone said ABU admission letter is like UNIABUJA certificate”

Also Abubakar M Mande said ABU is a federal government research university in Nigeria, and was established as the University of Northern http://Nigeria.How can you compare a house with a nest?”

@Mc_mikilaf said “Incase you want to compare let’s start with little of our Queen picture while you position your queen, then we move to our Queen humanitarian achievement, then you show case your own too.”

@Spotlessconc said “Someone said Kontagora square is bigger than UniAbuja.”


Also @abbelingy said “Also heard that Abuzaria has no SUG..you have something called SRC..which is equivalent to class rep.”

@Mr_Syto said “Faculty of life sciences is bigger than all the faculties in Uniabuja plus their hostels and staff quarters. Don’t compare an advance secondary school with ABU biko. Proudly Abusite.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter war has taking a new turn as it gradually extends to other institutions as the following hatchtag trends on twitter: #atbuvsfudma, #NsukvsFulafia, #futminnavsunilorin.

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