Lagos Dashes Hopes of Diasporan Investors in Oko-Orisan Waterfront Scheme

By Lilian Edward, LAGOS |

In 2010, the Lagos State Government launched the Oko-Orisan Waterfront Residential Land Scheme, promising a secure investment opportunity for Diasporans looking to own property in Lagos.

However, hopes have dwindled, and unless Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu intervenes, the situation appears grim.

Subscribers to the scheme are now facing the harsh realities of Lagos State’s land administration system.

Frustrated and disheartened, they feel let down by the government they trusted to provide support.

Due to their disappointment, investors like Mr. Hakeem Ibrahim have formed the Oko-Orisan Waterfront Scheme Subscribers Group to engage with the state government.

Ibrahim recalls purchasing land in the scheme in 2012 for N3.8 million, receiving documentation from the Lands Bureau confirming the legitimacy of his investment.

However, over a decade later, investors still have not been allotted their plots.

Government officials cite a suspension for redesigning since 2013, but rumours suggest the scheme may be reallocated to influential figures or moved to less attractive locations.

The group urges the Lagos State Government to honour its commitment and allocate the promised plots.

Despite visiting the Office of the Special Adviser on Housing and the Lands Bureau, they have received no concrete timeline for resolution.

A letter from the Lands Bureau dated April 2, 2024, acknowledged the redesign but provided no timeline.

Disheartened by the lack of specific information, the group is calling on other subscribers to join their cause to pressure the government for a resolution.

The group’s frustration stems from a perceived lack of transparency and accountability.

“We believed in the promises made by the Lagos State Government,” Ibrahim said. “But after more than a decade, we are still waiting for our plots.”

The Oko-Orisan Waterfront Scheme Subscribers Group is encouraging investors, both in Nigeria and abroad, to unite and appeal to Governor Sanwo-Olu to address this ongoing issue.

They are calling for immediate action to allocate the promised plots and restore faith in the state’s land administration.

As the situation drags on, the investors’ patience is wearing thin. They hope that by banding together, they can amplify their voices and prompt the government to fulfill its promises.

“We need a clear commitment from the government,” Ibrahim added. “Our investment and trust are at stake.”

The group remains determined to see this issue resolved and is optimistic that with enough pressure, the Lagos State Government will finally take action.

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