Kebbi State Officials Rescue Three Missing Pilgrims in Mecca

Officials from the Kebbi State Government (KSG) have successfully rescued three Nigerian pilgrims who went missing in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

These state-sponsored officials assist pilgrims during Hajj, providing essential services and support.

Alhaji Nasir Idris, the Executive Director of Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) in Kebbi State, provided details of the recent rescue efforts.

He recounted an incident involving a woman from Kamba Local Government Area who got lost near the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Kaaba). The officials intervened promptly, arranging a taxi to ensure her safe return.

Idris explained the broader role of these officials, which includes offering translation services and acting as intermediaries to overcome language barriers.

Their support extends beyond Kebbi State, assisting any Nigerian pilgrim in need. He noted that their efforts are not limited to rescuing lost pilgrims but also involve providing valuable suggestions to Hajj committees and assisting with various logistical challenges.

Recently, two women from Bauchi State who lost their way to their hotel were also rescued by Kebbi officials.

Idris underscored the ongoing humanitarian efforts throughout the Hajj period and called for continued support and cooperation from all pilgrims to ensure a successful pilgrimage.

He advised pilgrims to always travel in groups to avoid getting lost and to manage their travel allowances carefully.

he encouraged them to seek guidance from clerics on performing proper Hajj rituals.

The Kebbi State Government’s proactive approach and dedication to the welfare of pilgrims demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a safe and successful Hajj for all Nigerian participants.

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