I Relocated to the US Over EndSARS Protests, Other Issues – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

In a recent virtual interview on the ‘Mic On’ podcast with Seun Okinbaloye, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, discussed his reasons for relocating to the United States.

Adeyemi attributed his move to several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the ENDSARS protests, and troubling visions regarding Nigeria’s future.

“When COVID-19 emerged, our entire family was in the US, prompting us to stay together,” Adeyemi recounted.

“As we were preparing to return to Nigeria, the ENDSARS protests erupted, delaying our plans. Subsequently, unsettling dreams plagued us, reinforcing our apprehensions about returning.”

The pastor shared a vivid dream his wife had, which deeply unsettled them.

“My wife dreamt of returning to Nigeria only to face adversity and promptly informed me. Shortly after, I had a similar dream where we encountered violence upon our return,” he explained.

These recurring nightmares and uneasy feelings expressed by family members in Nigeria led Adeyemi and his wife to seek divine guidance through prayer. Convinced by the message they received, they decided to postpone their return indefinitely.

Adeyemi highlighted the importance of discernment in such matters, stating, “As seasoned Christians, we recognised the significance of these signs and intensified our prayers.

“We also briefed the leadership of Daystar Christian Centre, ensuring the smooth running of the church in our absence.”

Despite the challenges, Adeyemi remains committed to his ministry and awaits clearer guidance before contemplating his return to Nigeria.

“We are dedicated to our calling and continue to serve our congregation from afar, trusting in divine timing for our return,” he said.

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