Group lambasts attack on Dare Adeleke, points accusatory finger at Arapaja

The Ibadan Youth Vanguard (IYV) has vehemently condemned a scathing article targeting Hon. Dare Adeleke, the Special Adviser to Governor Makinde on Federal Constituency Matters, labeling it as nothing short of a disgraceful mound of rubbish.

In a statement endorsed by its General Secretary, Akin Akingbade, the IYV pointed fingers at the sponsors behind the article, branding their actions as a futile attempt at character assassination.

Akingbade’s statement retorted, “The utter lack of knowledge displayed by the author of said article is indicative of a futile smear campaign, resulting in a cacophony of garbage reminiscent of refuse left to rot by the wayside.”

“The utter cluelessness exhibited by the author is truly laughable. It is abundantly clear that the twisted mind orchestrating these attacks is utterly unaware of the stature of Dare Adeleke.”

“For the enlightenment of those subjected to his drivel, we shall provide a comprehensive rebuttal.”

“Given our suspicions regarding the origins of this gibberish, we feel compelled to offer a brief education: Firstly, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, a serial party hopper, ought to be held accountable for the outcomes in his own constituency.”

“Only a biased or mischievous mind would dare refer to an individual notorious for serial betrayal as a leader within the same entity he consistently undermines.”

“Note that while Arapaja has a history of betraying his supporters, Dare Adeleke stands as a man of unwavering courage and steadfast loyalty.”

“Only the most foolish or deluded would attempt to distort easily verifiable facts with the click of a button.”

“It is ludicrous to claim that Adeleke has not won his unit since 1999. Such baseless assertions raise questions about the mental acuity of certain individuals.”

“For the enlightenment of the imbecile responsible for that article, let us remind him of a well-known fact: Dare Adeleke has never lost his unit or ward since the inception of the PDP.”

“Furthermore, if the phantom author lurks behind, we challenge him through his dim-witted mouthpiece to produce evidence that Taofeeq Arapaja has ever won his polling unit or ward in any election.”

“Arapaja is a perpetual turncoat now aspiring to the role of chief buffoon!”

“Let us recall a few of his treacherous escapades – Chief Lamidi Adedibu and former Governor Alao Akala can both attest to his disloyalty.”

“We hereby caution His Excellency, Engineer Seyi Makinde, to exercise caution around Arapaja, whose pretense and superstitions are unsettling.”

“Thus, we unequivocally affirm that Dare Adeleke remains the true leader.”

“It is evident that since the arrival of our party leader for the Agboworin empowerment scheme, Ambassador Taofeek Oladejo has been losing sleep.”

“Having debunked the fabrications of the nincompoop concerning Dare Adeleke’s impeccable leadership track record, let us now correct his claims regarding Adeleke’s tenure at the Pacesetter Transport Company.”

“Adeleke’s tenure as Executive Chairman was not brief; it spanned the entirety of the first administration of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde. He handed over with a spotless record at the end of the term.”

“In fact, Hon. Dare Adeleke departed Pacesetter as a high achiever. He voluntarily resigned and was subsequently appointed as Special Adviser by His Excellency.”

“For the edification of those subjected to the ramblings of this madman, Hon. Dare Adeleke was never found wanting, nor did he face any disciplinary panel.”

“We advise whoever is employing this faceless jester to desist from wasting their resources, as they are merely making a fool of themselves.”

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