Group berates NANS President over Tenure Elongation

By Daniel Ayantoye

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Zone D, has described as illegal the continuous occupying of office by its National Executives led by the President Comrade Danielson Bamidele Akpan

In a statement signed by the Zonal Coordinator, Comr. Kappo Samuel and obtained by CAMPUS FOCUS on Saturday, June 20, 2020, the group emphasized that the National Executives violated its constitutional provisions for occupying the office for 2 years.

The statement reads: “Combatant and irrevocable salutations to all great Nigerians and the entirety of students.

“It’s with a heart burning with fury, fuelled with shackles of liberation that write to decry, the illegal unapproved logetivity of the incumbent NANS executive causing disenfranchisment of Southwest students and a political damage especially on a well revered Zone like NANS Zone D.

“Without an iota of doubt, the impeccability of our dear association in administrative dispensation and the attributes of transition instances are unparalleled and progressively driven which has no means of connection with intentionally untrue attitude of mind that favours one alternative over others from precedence not until recently, that the illegal tenure extension of the incumbent NANS executives bendpitched effort to condemn and denounce these virtues because of the deliberate, nonchalant and convetuous attitudes of the Executives under the scope of Bamidele’s (the incumbent President) managerial responsibility to engineer a successful transition.

“Futhermore, the unapproved illegal two years incumbency of Bamidele’s led NANS is apparently unconstitutional, dispiriting, embarrassing, shameful, and portraying total leadership insensitivity, complete failure and outright wear out and this, if care is not taken may channel our dear association built on assiduous effort to grave.

Samuel also said “As you may probably be aware and for the sake of reminder, it constitutionally dutiful that all NANS executives are to welcome a new administration after a successful year of incumbency regardless of the position of issues – amidst pandemic or in the absence of one, transitions must be done as it is clearly scribbled in ARTICLE 8b and 33 … of NANS constitution. Considering the light of reminder, analysis gathered that the intentionally self- designed tenure extension is detrimental to the development of NANS and the ascension of a new soul in office. It’s now perceived as a deliberate subjugation and disenfranchisement of Zone D students as we have on our aspirations database, 99% aspirants with the tickets of member schools under NANS Zone D(Southwest).

According to the zonal coordinator, “It’s lieu with the above, the undersigned whose name and signature appears below hereby reiterate on behalf of the entirety of genuine “Great Nigerian Students” the unanimous demands of the council of Zonal coordinator. Our demands contained herein are unilaterally conceded by Zonal coordinators in her previous letter to the Association Senate president dated, 4th June 2020 and are:

He however called for immediate “Formation of a Local Organizing Committee to commence plans of a hitch free NANS Convention, Retaining FCT Abuja as the Convention venue owning eminence to the unanimous adoption of the pre convention senate meeting before the Covid-19 Nigeria, In consideration of Federal Government Directives on Social Distancing, we demand that the venue should be delineated into four polling unit for each zones of NANS while Old Parade ground should be adopted as the collation unit. This will keep the polling process aligned with the state directives on social distancing, Speedy announcement of the proposed dates to be detailed in an invitation Letter coupled with media conveyance of the proposed date on all Nigerian student related media channel.

He said “It’s our sincere hope that our demands are treated with urgent adherence within the throttle of the ultimatum given in the previous letter. The consequences of its negligence would give the consideration of the IRA as said in the previous letter.

“In conclusion, we call on all reasonable, versatile and Great Nigerians, Students and government officails to massed up with leaders at the frontier against the fight for better NANS.” he added.

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