Delta Collaborates to Combat Climate Change Foster Economic Growth in Niger Delta

By Chuks Peter, DELTA

The Delta State government has declared its commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change and fostering the development of green and blue economies in the Niger Delta region.

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori announced this initiative while launching the Network of Advancing Community Capacity to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts and Develop Green and Blue Economy in the Niger Delta Project.

This two-year project, funded by the Embassy of Denmark in Nigeria, is implemented by Academic Associate Peace Works (AAPW) in four communities significantly affected by climate change, environmental degradation, and piracy in Bayelsa and Delta States.

Governor Oborevwori, represented by Dr. Barry Gbe, Chief Economic Adviser, emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts: “Events that bring together state actors, non-state actors, the private sector, and the public sector to discuss development and improve livelihoods are of great interest to His Excellency. That is why this programme is taken seriously.

“I want to thank the organisers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Government, and our NGO partners.

No government can tackle development issues alone. We are excited when NGOs choose to partner with us, so I must extend our gratitude to them and their partners.

“Climate change is a critical issue globally. Even rural communities are now aware of it. Various theories attribute climate change to factors like ozone layer depletion by emissions and other natural effects.

It is vital that we come together to discuss the way forward. Risk avoidance is impossible, but risk mitigation is achievable. Similarly, while we cannot avoid climate change, we can mitigate its effects.

“A gathering like this, which focuses on educating our communities, is crucial. When faced with the reality of climate change, we must confront it head-on. Building capacity to understand and mitigate climate change is essential,” he added.

Menidin Isu, the Programme Manager, explained the project’s goals: “The Advancing Community Capacity to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts and Develop Green and Blue Economy in the Niger Delta is a two-year programme aimed at promoting sustainable practices in marine and terrestrial environments, emphasising conservation, resource management, and community development.

“The project aims to increase community capacity and improve knowledge, skills, and understanding of climate change impacts.

It will support the adoption of green and blue economy practices, community livelihood policies, and behavioral changes, leading to the use of renewable energy technologies, climate-friendly agricultural practices, and ecosystem restoration.

“Academic Associate Peace Works will collaborate with target coastal communities to mitigate climate change impacts and develop a green and blue economy.

We will provide information and training on the potential benefits and opportunities of these economies.

“The project will create opportunities for women to play significant roles, leading to positive changes in attitudes towards women’s participation.

It will also collaborate with multiple stakeholders, including the media, local and state governments, businesses, and civil society organisations, to advance community capacity building,” he added.

Key highlight of the event was the open forum discussion with network members and project communities, focusing on emerging innovations and technologies to address climate change issues, following the project’s launch by the Governor.

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