COLUMN: Tribalism, a nation-devouring monster

By  Micheal Ayodele |

There is a monster that reduces our capacity and ability as a nation. It causes us to struggle where other nations triumph, all because we drink water from the well dug by this monster and feast at the sets by this same monster with the delicacies called division and disunity.

The glory of our strength as a nation is covered by the darkness from the presence of this monster. We rejoice in obscurity because we dwell in the tent of ignorance built by this monster.

What is the name of this monster? Tribalism is the answer.

Tribalism, the one that threatened our existence as a nation.

Our federalism is driven by the rod of tribalism; therefore, we dwell perpetually in confusion.

We have our strength diffused by its oppression.

We spend time building that, which serves as an obstacle to our breakthrough.

We are like a shadow of ourselves all because we continually walk the pathway of the monster, thinking we are the giants of the land, whereas; in the bravery hall of Fame we have no seats.

As a nation we are a gift from divinity with a mandate to liberate the world from bondage, but we are held down by the cord of tribalism. Our potentials are locked up in the belly of tribalism, for we have been brainwashed and led astray. We are like a gullible sheep that betrothed herself to a camouflaged lover whose real identity is that of a butcher, all because of disobedience to the shepherd’s instruction.

As a nation we look old while in our prime, for we continually abuse one another’s gift through the crime of act of tribalism. We dissipate our strengths on matters that do not bring about national unity, simply because we exalt one and demote the other without merits. We silence the voice of equality in our land by setting our values on the foundation of tribalism.

The rod of injustice prevails in our land because tribalism makes us unequal before the law.  An egalitarian society of yesterday is now today a mirage for our good days only exist on the pages of the book of history all the because the beauty in the unity of yesterday’s diversities has been torn to pieces by the sword of tribalism; thereby all manner of social vices are plaguing our land, because our wall of defense against atrocity has been knocked down by the cruel fist of tribalism.

We no longer have the courage to confront what we once conquered according to history.

How can we come out of this dark tunnel of tribalism?

Firstly, we need to ask ourselves how we got into the tunnel.

Secondly, we need to discover those who beat the drum that caused us to dance ignorantly into the tunnel of tribalism and then retrace our steps back to the point where we missed it.

We need to collectively with one voice speak against every act that fosters tribalism in our society by making sure everyone is equal before the law of the land.

A land of no discrimination where everyone has equal access to platforms to display their gifts is the one where the rain of tribalism has not fallen.

We must not give room to this monster called tribalism owned by the haters of the unity of our land because of their selfish ambition.

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