Cholera Outbreak: Oyo LG Chairman Engages Market Leaders, Meat Sellers, Others

Olumide Olusegun |

In response to the cholera outbreak, the chairman of Oluyole Local Government of Oyo State, Engr. Akeem Olatunji convened a crucial meeting with key stakeholders to tackle the situation.

The meeting focused on strategies to contain the spread of cholera, raise awareness, and educate the community on adhering to health and hygiene guidelines set by local authorities.

Attendees included school administrators, market leaders, health officials, and community representatives, all collaborating to combat the deadly waterborne disease.

Cholera cases have recently surged in parts of the country, including Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states, prompting urgent interventions from health authorities.

Chairman Olatunji stressed the importance of coordinated efforts across sectors to effectively manage the outbreak and prevent further casualties within the local government.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Olatunji emphasized the need for heightened awareness in the predominantly trader, artisan, and farmer community of Oluyole, where literacy levels remain a challenge.

He commended Governor Seyi Makinde for proactive leadership and praised the State Ministry of Health for their efforts in awareness and containment.

Olatunji urged community-wide compliance with preventive measures and emphasized the role of every individual in reporting cholera symptoms promptly to prevent its spread.

During the meeting, stakeholders discussed immediate actions such as improving sanitation, ensuring access to clean water, and intensifying public health education campaigns.

School administrators pledged to enforce stricter hygiene protocols, while market leaders committed to enhancing sanitation practices on their premises.

Community representatives highlighted concerns about healthcare access and called for increased medical supplies and personnel in various areas of the local government.

In response, Chairman Olatunji assured stakeholders of government support and proposed the formation of a task force to oversee strategy implementation and maintain coordination between authorities and local communities.

Stakeholders underscored the importance of vigilance and community engagement in effectively combating the cholera outbreak. Health officials advised residents to maintain good hygiene practices and promptly seek medical attention for symptoms.

Key figures present at the meeting included Vice Chairman Hon. Niyi Akorede, Chief of Staff Hon. Babalola Azeez, healthcare experts, school representatives, environmental officials, and leaders of market associations and traders’ unions in Oluyole.

The collaborative efforts aim to curb the cholera outbreak and safeguard public health in the local government area.

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