Appoint experts into relevant Ministries, Omisore tells Tinubu

Senator Iyiola Omisore, while appearing on Channels TV “Inside Sources programme” and monitored by Telescope on Friday, May 24, 2024, stated that President Tinubu is fully aware of the current state of his administration and the ongoing efforts to improve on it.

He highlighted the president’s responsiveness to feedback from the people and his determination to take action when necessary.

According to Omisore, Tinubu’s engagement and understanding of the nation’s needs position him well to make strategic decisions, including reshuffling his cabinet.

Additionally, Omisore advocated for the appointment of technocrats to ministries aligned with their expertise, citing the importance of placing professionals in appropriate roles for effective governance.

He commended the appointment of professionals like Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, emphasising the importance of matching skills with ministry requirements.

Omisore stressed the expectation for all ministers in Tinubu’s cabinet to excel in their responsibilities, with performance being a key criterion for their tenure.

He lauded Tinubu’s bold actions, such as the removal of petrol subsidy, and urged Nigerians to remain patient, promising visible improvements in the coming year.

However, Omisore’s remarks underscore Tinubu’s commitment to governance, his responsiveness to public feedback, and his intent to optimize his administration for better results.

He also highlights the importance of professionalism in ministerial appointments and calls for continued support for the government’s endeavors.

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