Africa Youth Day: Council urges Nigerian Youth to shun Corruption

By Daniel Ayantoye

As African nations celebrate the ‘Africa Youth Day’, Nigerian Youths have been admonished to shun Corruption and imbibe high level of morality in all activities.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria in a statement with the title: “Raising Youth Voices against Corruption in Africa” and signed by the National Public Relation Officer Comrade Olugbode Hammed made the call in a Press release made available to CAMPUS FOCUS.

Hammed said corruption has negatively affected the country’s democratic institution hence the need for stake holders to cooperate in tackling it.

“This year’s Africa Youth theme discusses Corruption in Africa, a disease that invariably endangers the morals of the entire continent, a major challenge facing the human race, increasingly becoming a threat to human existence to the extent that it must hence be recognized as a crime against humanity. Corruption is a multifaceted and complex problem that requires a comprehensive approach that cuts across disciplines”

While expressing concern over the development of the Country, He stated that Corruption has affected Nigeria’s Growth and Development.

“There is abounding evidence in Nigeria indicating that corruption has negatively affected our growth and development.

“Weakens the democratic institutions and the rule of law, disrupts social order and destroys public trust, thus allowing organized crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish.

“The Youths are duty bound to raise their voice against the increasing rate of corrupt practices, checkmate government at all level and serve as the conscience of the society.

“The root causes of corruption are wide and vary from place to place depending on the political, social, economic and cultural circumstances. In Nigeria, poor leadership, politics of the belly, greed and selfishness, patronage nepotism, denial of Youth participation in governance, weak judicial system, conflicts, and constant insecurity among others are identified.

“Cabals in every government reducing the popular participation of the public in governance.

“The 2019 general election is another golden opportunity for Nigerians to redirect the governance of this great nation by speaking through their votes. Corruption finds succor in poor governance; therefore it’s imperative we show a keen interest in the personality of those seeking mandates to handle the affairs of the country at all level. Candidates to earn our votes are those with the political will and ability to spell out clear anti-corruption policies, interventions and effective implementation without fear or favor.” He added.

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