2019: NYD partners Nigerians in Diaspora to hold Presidential Debate

NYD partners Nigerians in Diaspora to hold Presidential Debate

The Nigeria Youth Decide (NYD) has said it has concluded plans to hold a Presidential Debate in Abuja on the 9th December 2018.
The NYD National Director Amb. Uchechukwu Ekpere Paul who made the disclosure in an interview with this medium today, said that it has also partnered with Nigerians living oversees to ensure more efficiency of the programme.
According to him NYD, a subsidiary of of Diamond Youth Transformation Initiative of Nigeria(DYTI) and many other NGos in the within and outside the Country has created the presidential debate as a platform to identify credible candidates.
He explained that the mission of the organization which is to promote the desires and ambitions of the Nigerian Youth regarding Leadership in our Nation cannot be achieve when there is bad leadership in governance.

“This event is in partnership with Nigerians in Diaspora to host presidential debate for Nigeria.
“Our mission is to positively influence the election that will bring the true leaders Nigerians have been waiting for.

“These leaders will build Nigeria to become the most desirable country in the world by 2025. And NYD has created this platform to see to that.

“It is unequivocally true that over the last three decades Nigeria has been in a continuous spiral of decadence in terms of leadership and governance. Youths are completely denied the opportunity to play significant role in governance.

“However, it is refreshingly consoling that there is a renewed call to order, an era of reckoning.” he added

While calling on electing credible candidates through the debate which according to him will be televised Nationally and Internationally, Paul emphasized that the youth group is a non partisan body of intelligent, determined, focused and patriotic young leaders without any tribal, religious, ethnic or social status bias.

“We see the need to energize the Nigerian youths to be engage in political sphere, speak the truth with minding whose ox is gored and engage in processing affairs that affect the future of the youths through fair, responsible and progressive governance.”

“We have also set up mentorship programs that promote brilliant minds in economics, science, agriculture and health resources that will sustain the new Nigeria that we all seek.”

“In consonance to the above objectives we have also organized several workshops and seminars for the youths across Nigeria with the aim of empowering them and encouraging them to avoid violence and become useful to the society.” He said

Meanwhile some of the international partners of the event has express satisfaction towards the conduct of programme.

A US based medical practitioner Prof Nelson Aluya in a phone chat told this medium that the presidential debate is only way out to determine the capability of aspirants intellectually.
He urged Nigerians in within and outside the country to support the debate.

In the same vein, Patience Ndidi – The key chairperson of Nigerian in Diaspora USA Chapter, said “this is great move for a New Nigeria and we must support this course as it has to do with the greatness of our nation.

Similarly, the Chairman of Nigerians In Diaspora Organization Americas ( Continents of North and South America). Obed Monago assured of the organization partnership with the event.

“Nigerian in USA will partner with the Nigerian Youth in the Course. Yerima Shettima National president Arewa Youth Consultative forum plead with Nigeria Youth all over the world to insist and support the National presidential debate first of it kind organiza by youth not Nigerian Media as we have seen in the past”

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